Anyone else having issues sending commands right now?

(Mike M.) #1

For the last day or so none of the commands sent from my hub (or at least logged to have been sent) have been received by the devices. The hub is receiving messages from the devices just fine. A couple of reboots haven’t changed the situation.

I’ve got a ticket open with support, but haven’t heard back since the auto-reply. The status page says all is well, and I don’t see a lot of noise here, so I’m left wondering if it’s just me.



(Doug) #2

I had that for a bit yesterday. It was around sunset so I figured that the servers were overloaded. Couldn’t send a command to lock a door, for example, but could tell if the door was closed or locked when physically changing its state. After about 30 minutes it seemed to clear itself up.

(Mike M.) #3

I can send commands, at least I see the debug logging from the command method in the device type, but the device never receives it. So, I’ve got a log full of messages originating from devices (motion, manual switch/lock operation) and commands being [allegedly] sent to devices, but no messages (in the last 24+ hours) from devices that are responses to those commands. It’s like the step that actually sends the command either fails or is skipped.

At one point I even tried to exclude my lock, thinking that my work on its device type was somehow responsible, but I was unable to do so. Running the lock’s exclude and the hub’s exclude utility in various different orders accomplished nothing.

(Kim Andrè Flaten) #4

i have problems to with this, also problem with Aeon key fob and minimote.

(Tim Slagle) #5

None of my dimmers are accepting setLevel commands right now…

(Eric) #6

Mine has been wonky for more than a day right now. lost 3 zwave devices too that just won’t respond anymore. things where fine until sometime yesterday. reboots, etc not helping. One is my garage door Evolve relay so that’s pretty glaring to the family.

(Tim Slagle) #7

Things seem to be really really slow right now. IDE logs are taking 2-3 minutes to show up.

Check this out. Latency in the cloud seems to be really taking a hit right now. some RT times taking 3-4 seconds a piece…

@april Anything from the STs support side? I am going to email you guys now :wink: