Devices not responding to commands

I have v1 of the hub.

All other devices are just sending events, but are not responding to commands.

I have two devices that should respond to commands, but are not.
One of these is the metering plug that came with the v1 kit. The other is a Philips Hue bulb.

I do not see any errors in live logging.

Is this a larger issue with the hub?


One thing I noticed is that my zigbee channel is 0. I’m not sure this is valid channel. Could be 2.4ghz interference?

zigbeeChannel: 0
zigbeeFirmware: 1.3.1
zigbeeNodeID: 0000
zigbeePanID: 0000
zigbeePowerLevel: 111
(From Show Hub in graph.api)

That’s not good. Your best bet is to contact support ASAP.

Contacted support and waiting to hear back. Does it make sense that zigbee can be broken one way? Aren’t device events and commands sent on the same frequency and channel? I’m hopeful this is a software problem and not a hardware issue.

Support got back to me and pushed an update for the zigbee firmware on my hub. I’m now on v1.5.4 and my devices are receiving commands!

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