Anybody Windows Phone push notification not working?

(ecksomperudenlign) #1

My Windows Phone push notification stopped working 2 days ago. My wife iPhone is working. Contacted support and with following emails but they do not seem to responding, not surprise though.

(Stuart Buchanan) #2

yes all mine have stopped too :confused:

(ecksomperudenlign) #3

Thank you for conforming the issue. I thought it was me, tried restart the IDE, reinstalled the app, recreated the routines and etc. Support could have said they are having issues instead of keeping mum for 3 days.

(Gabriele Nizzoli) #4

yup, gone!

(jhoff80) #5

It’s been a lot longer than two days here since I’ve gotten notifications on the WP app. I thought maybe it was tied to the recent app update a few weeks back, but I can’t remember if it’s ever been working on this version or not.

(Ron S) #6

Not sure 100%. iOS as well as it appears!

(ecksomperudenlign) #7

oh man, here we go AGAIN.

(ecksomperudenlign) #8

It had been working fine for almost 20 days.

My experience still hold true today :

(Frank Engelman) #9

Same thing happened to me…

(Stuart Buchanan) #10

Notifications had been working on the new version of the app but they recently broke exactly 4 days ago for me