2 problems exist that I can’t figure out (Garadget offline, Kwikset lock not showing battery level)

  1. Garadget shows offline in SmartThings BUT in garadget app it shows fine and works fine another interesting thing is it goes off line at 8:42PM. Now to get it back on I go to Linked services and open the Garadget link and hit done then close SmartThings App and reopen it and it’s working again it shows garage door online and closed. I thought is was a Garadget issue it’s a SmartThings issue.

  2. Replaced batteries in my Kwikset lock 2 days ago still no battery status updated on it. I don’t want to have to jump through hoops just to get battery status updated the other Kwikset lock has shown 40% for the last 6 months.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well a couple of days after I wrote this it’s been working ever since. The Grardget hasn’t drop off at all and the next day the Kwikset Door Lock updated the battery status. So everything is working like it should. YIPEE.

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