Smart door handle? Does it exist?

Hey guys, so I have my schlage deadbolt installed and am loving. Looking fwd it would be nice if the main door knob could have the same functionality. Are there any smart door knobs that allow for control of its lock as well?

This can be two different things:

  1. a doorlock and handle which is secured by a keypad. it has to be unlocked before it can be opened, but which does not turn by itself.

  2. A door which unlocks and then opens itself

In the first category, where all you’re really doing is unlocking the door, Schlage and Kwikset both used to make knob versions of their Z wave locks, but both have since discontinued them because they just didn’t sell. The deadbolts are much more popular.

However, both companies do still make versions that have a lever handle, not a knob. These meet ADA requirements and so can be sold to offices and schools. However, they are very difficult to fit onto most doors that also have a separate deadbolt unless you install them upside down, which has its own problems. But they do exist.

This is the Schlage 599.

  1. i’m not aware of any Z wave versions of automatic door openers. There are a lot of safety issues with these and Z wave is not usually used for medical equipment. I’m also not aware of any that are compatible with SmartThings, although some use IR remotes which you might be able to access via harmony.

Skylink makes a very popular inexpensive one, which costs under $200. There are many other fancier versions from other companies with locks, typically costing around $2000.

The Skylink description does a good job of listing the various safety issues:

This category is also typically very slow to open and close, again for safety reasons. So good for people in wheelchairs, but not so much for other people.

So I’m not sure exactly which features you were looking for. If you just want to unlock the front door And you’re OK with a lever handle, there are several Z wave choices that should work fine. Just check the schlage website.

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I dont want an automatic door opener. I just want to be able to secure the lock on it and have it auto unlock via zwave as well as my deadbolt. Otherwise, to get the security of the door handles lock you still have to use a key.

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OK. Then the ones with the lever handle are easy to find, Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale all make zwave versions. But because of the size of the unit, they’re usually used on doors that don’t have an additional deadlock.

So they wont fit properly on a door that already has a smart deadbolt?

Probably not unless it fits upside down, which looks weird. Or if your deadbolt is very high up.

If you look at the size of your current deadbolt unit, the one with the handle has that same size unit as the deadbolt just above the handle. So you just have to measure your door to see if they’ll both fit vertically.

Ok thanks. So what does everyone else here do with a smart deadbolt. Just not use the door lock?


I never did anyway, but when I installed my “Schlage Connect”, I bought the matching style lever door handle (with the “internal door, no key option”) on for about $25.

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I dont get it. Hows that work exactly? Its just a latch without a lock and key?

Right… Like a plain door handle you might have to a closet or bedroom…

For front door if you want to use something more presentable than just a handle, then you can use something like this as well… My wife made me buy this expensive thing…but she always wins :slightly_smiling:

It just looks more presentable from outside and from inside it is a normal lever.

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Yeah my main purpose was more for added security of a second lock. Thanks though. They are really nice.

For added security, I think an open/closed sensor with a push our text notification would be more effective. Or triggering a dog barking track or a siren (if willing to risk st scheduling problems and false alarms)

You could arm it based on a motion sensor or pressure mat covering the inside to replacate a typical rex device to help eliminate false alarms

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If someone defeats the deadbolt there is barely any added security with the second lock in the door handle. Most common break in is kicking the door (which the Schlage will alarm on)

Now if you have a lock picker it will require a double pick, which will add maybe 60 seconds to the break in.

The short answer is no, the battery pack and everything is also too big, the Schlage 599 is the closest to what you are looking for.


@chowder007 I am looking to equip my indoor doors with smart handle locks. What did you end up doing?

I have been searching for the same solution. This is the only thing ive seen so far. Door knob smart lock

There are a couple of options. Kwikset and Schlage both make a handle version. What you won’t find readily is a knob version. I also think Yale makes one.