Any XYZ sensor compatible with smartthings?

Hey there, i have this wonderful idea to make a XYZ sensor, that when the x,y and z sensors are between certain positions, a routine like turning on lights is triggered.
This way, i can put the sensor in a 3d-printed cube, and i can turn the cube on a table to make a certain action happen.
I have tried the aqara vibration sensor and the multisensor of samsung/aeotec, both contain a xyz sensor, but both do not support creation of routines.

Would appriciate assistance on finding a device that’s supported! :slight_smile:

That actually sounds pretty nice idea and seems to have support for axis triggers for my aeotec multisensensor, so you might wanna check that out.

I think it’s more a matter of using the right driver to expose the xyz values…:thinking:

See the following discussion:

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ST Multipurpose Sensor has the XYZ value

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My ST multi purpose sensor has an issue with battery reporting, it works perfect apart from that.
Seems when the battery runs flat the battery value and device state are not picked up by the hub, the hub thinks the device is online when in reality the battery is flat

Not sure if that is a driver issue or hub FW but bare that in mind if looking to purchase

Tried ST driver and @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver, same result for both


Up to firmware 49.9, battery powered zigbee devices take about 2.5 hours to display offline when the battery runs out or messages stop being received from the device.
I don’t even know if it’s still the same with firmware 50.6.

I have 3 multipurpose smartthings devices and they work like this, normally below 30%, 35% battery they stop working at any time, but now I have one that has 21% for several days and keeps working. I think the used battery also has something to do with it.

You cannot make routines with x,y,z axis because the presentation of the stock capability does not have the automation conditions and actions defined.

Mine sat at 30% for 4 days Mariano, hub did not report off line, infact as far as the hub was concerned it was working fine but all readings were frozen !

I did look at my battery graph with the old battery in, it reported 100% constantly but then dropped to 50% on 1 day and 30% last day, after that nothing, hub did not seem to care, no battery warning nothing, the open close quick tile continued to show device open

It would be necessary to see with the cli if the device is sending something, I have seen that all the devices send messages from the cluster basic and that may cause it not to be marked offline

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Yep, which makes it super silly that it is not working with routines. Why does it bother to show x y z values anyway.

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If we were be able to define a routine that temperature stays the same for a long time, we’d know the battery was empty(but i dont think there is a way unless we make 20 routines of temperature in range for x amount of time). I have the same issue with some other devices, but only have this multisensor for a month or so now, so i probably don’t have to replace the battery for a year or so yet.

Happy to do that Mariano, will get some logs to you later today, no rush as its not life changing right now

Don’t count on that, dependant on the amount of temp changes and other changes detected by the device it does get through batteries, i dont particularly take note of when i change batteries but it is probably something like 6 months for me, a cold winter also affects battery life, mine is external but protected from wet

I have one on the front door that has less temp fluctuations and that battery lasts longer


Can you make recipes (for the rules API) with those values as a trigger?


Can you create SharpTools rules based on those values?

I ask because in the old groovy architecture you could definitely make a smartapp that could use the xyz values of the SmartThings Multisensor: quite a few community members built cubes using that device where they knew which face was up and triggered scenes or hello home actions from that. I think the original was the Mood Cube, but there were eventually about half a dozen with slightly different features.

Here’s one example where the groovy code is still visible (although of course unsupported by the current architecture).

And here’s one of the original project reports. It would be a shame if the new architecture has lost this functionality: there was some really cool stuff based on it. :disappointed_relieved:

A wooden cube that controls lighting [OBSOLETE]

You can certainly compare the array as a whole but I don’t know how to isolate an individual axis.

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The possible solution is to create 3 custom capabilities x, y, z with the complete presentation and in the driver code emit separate events x, y, x

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Would that be possible? Its how i envisioned it working from the start anyway.
If x is between 100 and 200, and y is between 200 and 100 and z between -100 and 100, for longer then 2 seconds, then x.

I mean you would know and be notified when the battery died, if you made a routine that if temperature is between 20 and 21 for 12h, you get a notification. Because smartthings keeps reporting the device as online. And a temp sensor wont stay on 1 specific temperature the whole day. The problem is you need to make this routine for every possible temperature range. But then you’d know when the device is drained of power, even if smartthings shows it as online.

Sharptools is unfortunately online, love the picture and that the idea was already known earlier though!
Would love this to be local.

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Speaking of local…

Aqara’s T1 pro Zigbee cube already exposes itself as 6 “buttons” (the cube’s 6 faces) to Homekit, and aqara is saying that it will be updated to work with Matter via an aqara hub that works as a Matter Bridge, but that update hasn’t arrived yet.

If it does arrive as promised, you would eventually be able to use these cubes locally with smartthings via an aqara hub.

We’re not there yet, but if you decided you wanted several of these, the cost might be acceptable. And no custom code would be required. :sunglasses:

At the time of this posting, The cube currently sells for about £20 with voucher, and the hub models are around £60 and can support up to 32 accessory devices.

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Thanks, although the hub requirement makes it a bit too expensive.

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