Any word on the smartthings "extend" for Samsung TV?

I have the KS8000 TV as well, and bought it over other TVs because of the SmartThings integration.

At the moment, SmartThings appears to have more control over my 2010 Samsung Plasma TV than my brand new 2016 SUHD TV.

If I could just power it off and control very basic functions like volume and source I’d be happy for now. Has anyone written a functional device type for the KS8000 TV? Considering what this TV promised I shouldn’t have to resort to plugging it into a smart plug.

Not extend, but they recently added some support for KS and KU series models to the market place under samsung products. Some have had issues getting it to be detected. See the support article in the marketplace.

This is only available in US? I’m in Europe and I can’t find Samsung smart TV in marketplace.

Sorry, the link for the compatbility search does say US. The main page of the support article did not mention it.

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If you use HomeBridge, you can have SmartThings in HomeKit ( It isn’t perfect, but gets the job done. Then essentially your smart home devices are platform agnostic. I can use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant for voice control. You can also use either the Apple Home or SmartThings apps (assuming all devices can be controlled via SmartThings. If they are Homekit native, that won’t work). I totally agree though, a unified view needs to exist and these bridges to bridges are getting ridiculous.

I was able to connect mine, but it seems to do absolutely nothing. I would have at least expected the same as the remote controls through ST, but it really does nothing.

Is the integration not working for you or is the feature set limited?

Only works with V2 hub.

Holy cow. Whoever added Samsung Smart TV (Connect) in the last 24 hours… THANK YOU!!

I now have basic on/off & volume control for my KS8000. I wasn’t expecting the ON to work and it does beautifully. . Thanks!!!

Also - I can still use this in tandem with the legacy Samsung TV (Connect) app, and that still detects my 2010 Samsung TV. I just have an ‘old’ and ‘new’ smartapp. Hopefully they don’t step on each other in the future!

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This is awesome! I’m now able to control my TV using my Google Home by telling it to turn on or off. I can also setup a movie mode where it dims the lights and turns the TV on and to certain settings. Thanks for the heads up on this!

I have been playing with it a little when I have time, but I haven’t figured out the “how to” on the picture and sound modes using CoRE. Is that what you are using for your movie mode? I love being able to send notifications to the TV with certain events. Maybe they will add a source input in the future.

Edit: I think I found how you did it. You are using a routine to access and change the TV modes. :wink:

I think it is ridiculous that a TV I just purchased at Christmas is not compatible with the hub I just spent $100.00 to link my TV to Alexa. Very poor misrepresentation of your product. I have a $100 hub investment and nothing to use it for.


What TV do you have?

I have a UN55JS8500 can i do something to hook it to my v2 Hub?

No that tv is a 2015 model and will not work as of now. Don’t know if that will change.

Samsung un50ku6300. Purchased in December at HHGregg. Have been trying to hook up Alexa. Was told to buy a hub. Bought the hub and smartthings tells me tonight the TV is not compatible. Not happy at all. Nothing online or in research gave me any indication that the hub would not be compatible with my TV. I could see if the TV was 4-5 years old, but it’s brand new. I purchased the Hub on Ebay and cannot return it. Thank you

By the model number, the TV should be compatible. N is for North American/ K is 2016 model year/ U is UHD and 6 is 6000 series. It all lines up with the compatability page in the support article to have the TV as a ‘thing’.

The hub you got on Ebay, was it a V1 or V2? Someone on another thread (Edit: actually this thread) said the V1 would not see the TV. The support article does not say anything about ST Hub version, only that the minimum SmartThings mobile app version required is 2.2.1 or greater.

Maybe Tyler will have more infomation.

Well, that is perplexing as the smartthings Customer service associate is the one who told me it was not compatible. Maybe she just told me that because she didn’t want to deal with the issue and helping me to resolve on the phone. Thanks

If it is true, they need to update the article in the marketplace.

Unplug your tv for a minute and try again. It worked for me and others in this thread.