Any way to use Iris first gen Devices with ST (Hub V3)?

Hi. Any new information about compatibility between Iris first generation motion sensors, contac sensors, indoor cameras and Smarthings Hub 3v? Thanks.

Unfortunately, Iris first gen senors use a proprietary protocol and it is my understanding that they will never be able to work with Smartthings. That’s why Lowe’s reimbursed everyone for their gen 1 products.

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Ok. Thanks.

That’s not entirely true. The protocol isn’t proprietary, just the Zigbee command clusters they use. Hubitat will be supporting the Iris V1 devices very soon. The next release is being beta tested right now. I have several V1 devices working perfectly.

You could buy a Hubitat Hub for your V1 devices, then use HubConnect to link them into SmartThings effectively allowing V1 devices to work with SmartThings.

That is the protocol. You might have been thinking of frequency. It’s The same frequency as zigbee home automation (ZHA). But it’s a different protocol.

From Technopedia:

Network protocols are formal standards and policies comprised of rules, procedures and formats that define communication between two or more devices over a network. Network protocols govern the end-to-end processes of timely, secure and managed data or network communication.

That’s good news if someone wants to use all the old V1 items. I wasn’t aware the Hubitat team had been working on that.

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I think that’s a stretch… Same protocol, both handshare in the same manner, i.e. both perform match descriptor requests. Main difference is the profile is not 0x0104 (HA), but rather 0xC216. That’s not exactly a different protocol. Same basic structure with a few different values.

Fair enough, different organizations use different definitions. Technically, within the zigbee specification, it’s a “private profile.” :sunglasses:

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They work with hubitat

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