Any way to unstick a stuck sensor?

No big shocker, having problems with my IRIS sensors. I have several IRIS motion sensors that stay on and consequently drain the batteries. Can I do anything to reset these in the IDE or another way?

I do the following troubleshooting steps, maybe it will help:

  1. Take the battery out for 10 seconds, then replace. Check recent events in mobile app to see if it’s working again.
  2. Reset and then re-pair back in Smartthings mobile app. There might not be a response but as a Zigbee device, it will be added back into the same slot as before.
  3. Pair within one foot of your hub
  4. Reboot the hub including a complete shut down (remove batteries) for at least 15 minutes
  5. Make sure the hub is at least 6 feet away from a wifi router (for possible interference)
  6. Make sure you have enough mains repeaters such as a pocket outlet so you have a good mesh.
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Thanks Jim - thats the process I’ve used but was wondering if there was a more user friendly way. Like sending a reboot command or something like that. It seems to me that this is a major obstacle for IoT devices at this level. We need an easy software solution for resetting smart devices IMHO.

I feel your pain, and with over a hundred devices I have something to “fix” almost everyday but other than the hub, AFAIK there’s no way to reboot devices from the IDE.

If you are having to fix something almost every day, it is a failure of the HA system. The whole point of a HA system is to make a house and maintaining it easier, safer not if it is causing an issue every day. I have to fix something maybe once a month, and I’m down to just under 200 devices now, so that isn’t good.

Are you using a lot of Zwave or Zigbee? I’m curious why you would have to fix something almost every day.

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I have a mix of both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices which I believe have healthy meshes. I think I’ve narrowed down my problem to really crappy Internet service that I receive from Time Warner (now Spectrum). My cable modem reboots 4-5 times and sometimes as much as 10 times per day due to fatal T4 timeout errors. I suspect there is a bad connection somewhere but I’m not sure where.