Any way to integrate Nest Protect into ST?

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Most of the posts I’ve seen about this are dated more than 2 years ago. Any current routines that work?

Currently I’m using IFTTT at least to trigger a remote Dome siren

(Ray) #2

This is what you will need.

(Alexis Cravey) #3

Curious if there are ever any issues since this requires you to mess with terminal/command prompt?

(Ray) #4

That I do not know. I am probably the only person with a large number of ST devices with not a single nest device. It’s best to ask your question in the post I link above.

(Robin) #5

You don’t need to mess with terminal / command prompt to use NST Manager.

Just install the smartapp and device handlers, authorise the app onto your Nest account and the app spawns a ST child device for each nest device.

(Alexis Cravey) #6

I haven’t been able to find the smart app through my smart things app. Am I
missing it somehow? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’ve only had my hub
a week!

(Robin) #7

It’s not an official integration and there is no guarantee it will always work as it’s reliant on NEST keeping the unofficial door open.

You need to install custom community code in the ST IDE (web interface)… instructions are towards the bottom of post 1 in the following thread: