Nest on STH

Hi all.

Im late to the party with this one. Ive read a few posts online and here. Seems that nest/google have stopped/ changed the way they do intergrations.

A long time back I did setup NST manager. Im guessing all of this is now not supported. Moving forwards, are there any ways to get Nest to work with STH? Are people who use Nest now planning to replace nest with something else? Just looking for a bit of advise?

The old integration still works

It only works if they logged into their nest account from NST Manager before aug 31st. If they are not currently logged in, then they are out of luck.

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What is the url for the dev portal? I setup NST manager about 2 years ago. Not logged in since.

Cant seem to find where this is on the website…

They closed it down last May

So because I deleted the App in ST. Im broken now :)?


Ok. No other ways to control in ST now?

None that I am aware of

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You can find more info in the NST manager thread…