Any way to get ADT Pulse Alarm Arm/Disarm to run Smartthings automation?

Any ideas how to get ADT Pulse alarm system status (Arm / Disarm) into SmartThings to run automations?

A fun question that I just implemented a few weeks back.

You’ll need IFTTT hooked up to ST, your Gmail and your ADT to use a gmail account for your credentials, as that’s where the email notifications go.

  1. On the ADT Pulse portal, enable notifications for Disable and Armed status changes
  2. In the ST Classic app, enable the Smart Home Security module thing from the dashboard, even though you don’t have any that it can talk to. This enables the Disarmed/Armed states which are separate from Modes
  3. Add a rule in IFTTT to look for the Disarmed email message and set your ST’s alarm state to DIsarmed
  4. Add a rule in IFTTT to look for the Armed email message and set your ST’s alarm state to Armed
  5. That’s it. As you futz with your ADT alarm, notifications will beep on your phone and you’ll see ST change state on the dashboard
  6. Write any ST automations you need based on this.

Set/unset your alarm once or twice and you’ll see the email messages. You’re looking for the standard bit of text saying the system is Armed or Disarmed. That’s the text fragment you use for IFTTT to read your gmail

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I certainly have an idea, but you’ll have to flesh it out, 'cuz I don’t have the ADT.

I believe the ADT Panel technically shows up as a “device”; check My Devices in the IDE.

That means you can use a SmartApp (possibly WebCoRE) and subscribe to the Armed State related Event(s) and trigger a Routine based on that. Pretty simple as long as this hack isn’t closed off.