ADT Pulse integration


I’ve googled this and I cant seem to find an answer.

Do you know if Smartthings hub (latest version) is compatible and can control an ADT Pulse alarm system?
The ADT system is ZWave enable and they give me the option to control the system through their app. I just want to have everything integrated into one app.
I havent purchased Pulse yet for this reason, im trying to find out.
Do you guy have any ideas?

If you want official support, the answer is no.

If your willing to put some work into it the answer is maybe, it depends.

More good reading for non official alarm options

Thanks for the pointers Sidjohn,

I have posted more questions on other people’s post that have ADT Pulse.
Ill await for a reply just in case someone has been able to integrate these two systems.

I have integrated ADT into Smartthings. I Know a couple people have taken that original project and made it exponentially better. It does take a little work and custom coding but works like a charm.

Do I need to do anything special with what ADT gives me or is the entire integration other parts I buy outside of ADT? Curious if I need to request they give me a specific controller or something for better integration.

I’m a developer and not worried about getting my hands dirty.

I bought a AD2pi card and connected directly to my ADT panel. I did have to figure out the installers code to install the new “panel” but other than that it was straight forward.

That’s a great method, how complicated is it to do once you buy the card? Does it work for DSC panels?
Do you need to have the ADT pulse service or not required at all?

I made the mistake of buying a card that I had to solder the wires on to the card and then install them onto the board. This wasn’t that hard but I think he even makes cards with pre-soldered points. From there it was as simple as putting it on the panel and getting it up and running.

DSC = I don’t think so but there are separate threads on this. I just don’t have experience. I did buy a DSC to serial cable card a long time ago (by mistake) so if for some reason you need that let me know.

This card ties in just like a panel and translates into smartthings. No need for pulse and reacts like Pulse however, there are some little “issues”. There is a delay. It’s small but it does exist. If the alarm goes off, you will get a notice of the alarm and that is all (i.e. no idea what caused the alarm because this is not on the panel (oddly enough)).

I recently tied my Honeywell 20P panel into Smartthings using Envisalink and Raspberry Pi. This was moderately difficult and requires some knowledge of programming. It works fine with a delay however I can still not use an arming event as a trigger (I can not turn on lights for instance if the alarm is disarmed between 7pm and 10pm at night). If you come from pulse this is something you have most likely gotten used to. I also can’t arm or disarm the alarm through Smartthings, I need to go directly through Envisalink.

Now other have reported getting all of this done however with my limited coding experience I have been unable to get these features to work.

Just my 2 cents. Best of luck.

Does your Raspberry pi only get incoming traffic and nothing out going? Those two things you mentioned I can do / and do, do pretty easily with my configuration (which is very different).

No it is both ways, I just got the arm/disarm working last night. I’m not sure why it wasn’t functioning before but I still can’t find a way for a change in partition state to be a trigger (the sensors trigger fine). The DSC integration sees the change but I can’t use that change as a trigger. I may need to add a generic device that opens and closes with an arm or disarm, I will keep trying though it is fairly important functionality to have.

I just had an ADT rep out tonight and he was pushing an ADT pulse “iHub” which sounds very similar to the ST hub, but has a keypad on it as well. I’m not sure I’d call it a “panel” though. Is that what you guys are referring to? Or the more older, traditional style panel?

Looking up the Vista 20P, I would definitely call that a panel and that’s not what I would be getting.

This is what I ended up getting:

I’m thinking none of the existing integrations will work with this model. It’s the new hotness they are putting in new installs.

We have an ADT system with Pulse that is no longer monitored, saving us a ton of money. The level of service was not acceptable either. However, the equipment is still in place, even though they turned off the Pulse access. Some was already install in the house when we bought it, and some was added or replaced by ADT. The hub or gateway is made by Netgear for ADT (model PGZNG1), and connects to the main alarm panel with 4 wires and to the router with standard Ethernet. It obviously has a Z-wave controller built-in, which we formerly used to control some GE/Jasco lamp modules. These are now on our SmartThings Z-wave network.

Note that the Z-wave function is completely separate from the alarm function, even though they are both nicely integrated in the ADT app. Wireless alarm devices, such as sensors or smoke/fire sensors also communicate directly with a wireless board in the main panel, not the Z-wave hub. However, since many of the panel controls and statuses are sent to the hub via the hard wire, and then to the app via the Internet, it seems like this might offer an opening to control the alarm system with a device that communications with SmartThings. Those 4 wires allow remote arming, disarming, and various alarm alerts via ADT’s app, so why not through a device connected to SmartThings? All we need is some hardware and software…:slight_smile:

I am seriously thinking about dumping ADT now that I have Smarthing hub v2, still trying to figure out the best ADT alarm and Smarthings automation integration. One approach seems like is EVL4 interface (Raspberry Pi programming seems a bit complex) and the other option seems like alarmdecoder AD2PI approach. Is there a preferable approach that is easier for a layman here … would appreciate your input and if there is a step by step guide for either of the two integrations.

By the way, I have Ademco Safepro 3000EN panel.


I have a Pulse system with a Pulse Zwave controller. Is there a way to set up the Pulse Zwave controller as secondary and then arm/disarm from the SmartThings???

I know it’s been a few months since you posted but I searched long and hard for a solution to this and couldn’t come up with anything.

I completely gave up on making it work with Smartthings. I use the ADT app separately.

That particular ADT system that was being sold to you is called “total security”, is not what you want if you want to connect to ST. The better system would be Safewatch Pro 3000,