How do you arm ADT Pulse with an alexa or smartthings routine?

I can arm with Alexa manually, but how can I do this automatically with a routine like goodbye? I don’t have the smartthings branded ADT panel. Just regular ADT pulse equipment and service.

ADT Pulse has its own Alexa skill. I’m not sure what services you have to be subscribed for in order for it to work,

As far as I know, there is no way to directly access the ADT pulse security features from SmartThings.

What some people have done, which is kludgy but works, is to set up a second speaker device, typically an android phone, next to the echo device, and then automate the android device, usually using LANnouncer, to speak the appropriate command when you want. Then the echo will respond to that command, and the ADT pulse skill will kick in. However, this requires significant technical skills to set up.

Like I said, kludgy, but it will work as long as the ADT pulse skill works.

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Thanks, yeah I have the adt pulse skill to use Alexa to arm but that’s silly if we can’t use the Alexa / ADT Pulse stuff in routines.

I can check out the LAN announce thing, yeah that sounds super Klunky LOL!

Please tell me that’s not the only option to arm the system automatically when I say Alexa goodnight though. Heh.

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Yes. ADT pulse’s App is very limited. It’s almost like it was a high school project or something. I’ve tried multiple ways to add a schedule through the app as well as Alexa and smart home with no luck. I guess the system is meant for security not convenience.

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