Any Warmup 4IE Thermostat users out there in the ST community?

Just wondered if there was any interest in a Warmup 4IE Thermostat integration with SmartThings? I have an integration working and I am willing to share it with the community if there is interest.

Due to the lack of any API and a terrible web interface, I have built a prototype that uses a Python script running on a Raspberry Pi to enable SmartThings to integrate with the My WarmUp service and thermostat. If anyone is interested, I can publish the code and instructions.

To set this up requires an always-on server that can run a Python script to interface with ST and this might be more suited to the users out there who can hack and run a Python script.

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Hi, i me interested in this thermosat, can you tell me are you happy with it and how it works with ST

The Warmup 4ie thermostat as a great standalone underfloor electric heating thermostat. It can manage it’s own schedule management and functionality such as holiday mode. Very happy with it. The things that frustrated me was lack of published API and no phone app. The remote interface is a website which is not easy to navigate on a mobile phone.

In order to get it working with ST, I had to create a Python server running on a raspberry Pi that acts as a bridge between ST and the My Warmup web site. The python script literally screen scrapes and makes the right HTTP requests on various actions from ST.

Can you maybe tell me is there any other termostat that would worh well with warmup heating or tell me bow to connect this one with my ST, i have no expirience with programing

Hi, I’d be very interested to learn more about how you’ve configured your 4IE thermostat, I’ve just had three installed today! (Was hoping I could link with the Nest thermostat (if the heating hits 22c, turn off the floors etc) Perhaps that’s a dream too far. Anyhow, being able to control the Warmup thermostats via my SmartThings would be fantastic! Please tell me more. Adam

Hi Adam, my current integration is still ticking along but is not ideal. I’m aware that Warmup do have an API for 4IE that I am trying to request access to so I can update my device handler. I could publish my current configuration, but it’s very ‘hacky’, requires a raspberry pi and a lot of configuration.

I assume if Warmup are working on an API for the 4IE it may make sense to hold out and play the patient game. It surely is just a matter of time for Warmup to realise the importance of getting onboard with these home hubs.

A pal of mine has been trying to get me onto the Rasberry Pi thing for a while… I’ll order one (early Crimbo gift).

If you’re able to share your configuration that would be very much appreciated…

Good news. I’m in contact with Warmup about API access and hopefully won’t be too long before I can create a proper integration.

Try this out…

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