Any wafer downlights that are compatible with SmartThings


I’m preparing to install recessed lighting in an old plaster ceiling. I want to use wafer lights to minimize the number of holes. Something like these:

However, I believe the GE Cync lights are not compatible with SmartThings.

I’ve searched quite a bit but have not yet found the combination of a wafer smart recessed light that is SmartThings compatible.What I really want is the ability to locally control the light with a variety of local sensors. At least the GE Cync line offers a few different options for motion sensors and remotes but I’d rather not be locked in to what is offered there.

Am I missing something? Thanks for any suggestions!


If you are in the US these Juno lights available at Lowes might work.

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I use these

With this z wave switch by Leviton.

Thanks Paul! These look very promising.


Thanks Eric. I’m really wanting smart wafers, not a smart switch. I’ll have 8 of these in a room and I’d like to be able to light them in different groups once I figure out what works well.

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Paul, do you know, do these work with a zigbee “switch” that could control these directly in a group. Say I have 8 of them in a room and want to be able to turn them on/off with a physical (smart) switch and make sure that switch would still work when the Internet is down? My understanding is that smartthings needs the cloud to operate?

These sorts of details seem pretty important but are often not clear. With the above GE Cync lights I’m considering they seem more closed off but then they also have an array of switches that I know work with them. ZigBee sounds like it could be better but I’m a bit unclear on the compatibility between different devices…

If they work with Edge Drivers and you have simple automations they will work locally.

Soon everything in Smartthings will need to work with Edge drivers.

So the big question is do they or will they work with Edge Drivers? I can’t answer that.

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