Mobile App Dashboard Update

(Ronny Carr) #1

I’m confused, I don’t have a “things” section nor can I see my installed apps after the update. Where did everything go that was already set up?

(Ultrathew) #2

Same here. Everything I’ve added/set up over the past six months is now gone. What gives??

(Ronny Carr) #3

Everything is working at least. When I tried to set up the back door alert again, nothing happens.

(Ultrathew) #4

I can’t tell if anything’s working, since there is nothing in my Dashboard except for a large circle with a “+”.

(Steve S) #5

I’m in the same boat - completely blank app after update.

(Jim Roberts) #6

Yep. same issue. All gone…

(Ronny Carr) #7

Well my lights on motion are still working so that’s a good sign. I opened the app on my iPad (not updated yet) and everything is still just like it was. I quickly turned off auto updates on it haha.

(Steve S) #8

I was able to get it back by logging out of the app and logging back in.

(Jim Roberts) #9

Yes all the funtionality is there, including if I log onto my account online here (device types, apps, hub, etc) but the new IOS app shows nothing in the dashboard, things, etc as previously described.

(Ronny Carr) #10

Looks like they hadn’t turned something on yet on the other side. I just opened and all good.