Any tips on how to place a SmartSence Motion Sensor with a cat?

I read the SmartThings Blog that discussed the older model motion sensor with the angled design. I ordered the new one and it doesn’t have this angle feature. To be honest this thing is pointless with a cat. I found that I can angle it and build cardboard blinders to make it work but that was only for testing. Not sure what I would use for materials to make it look appealing.

Any tips, ideas? Perhaps a different product?

The ecolink PIR detector which is on the official “works with smart things” list is marketed as “pet immune” which really means it has an adjustable sensitivity.

Some people find it works very well in homes with pets, and if you read the Amazon reviews you’ll see people talking about it effectively ignoring a 10 pound cat, for example. Others still find it goes off too often.

Since it’s officially supported, and Amazon is good for returns, it might be worth trying.

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Ahhh. thank you JD! Just ordered one to try out.

My motion sensors are on tables facing up so they see human motion walking by, but not the cat walking along the floor

Just staple the motion sensor to it.

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The drawback to this approach, of course, is that it leaves you susceptible to cat burglars! :fearful:


My Aeon multi sensor picks up cats all the time which is good because that was my intention. There’s a potentiometer on the inside to adjust the sensitivity to probably only detect humans, but my basement is cat land, keep that mess down there.

I have this same motion sensor and it works with pets. The only complaint I have on this unit is that in order to save battery life it takes 5 minutes to reset after motion is detected. you can setup a jumper inside the unit to reset after a couple of seconds but that kills the battery.

the Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune (PIRZWAVE2-ECO) works in the scenario where I wish to have the hallway lights turn on at night if I get up to grab a drink but for other application in my home I have to use other motion sensors like the Aeon Lads multi sensor NO pet immunity though.

Fibaro motion sensor was the only one I could calibrate to ignore cats. It works 90% of the time.

ST, Aeon, Monoprice can’t be done from my experience. Tape on ST didn’t work. Aeon and Monoprice pet/low sensitivity settings are inconsistent. Still pick up cats and/or often fail to pickup humans. To mitigate, I have rules in my smartapps to only turn lights on with motion in certain modes or certain times of day.

By comparison, my motion sensors have never false alerted in over five years. I imagine those are calibrated in such a way that they would be too slow in response for home automation, turning lights on etc.

I have purchased both the Ecolink Z-wave PIR Motion Detector (pet immune) and the Fibaro motion sensor for testing. I have four cats ranging from 6 to 22 lbs. I set the Ecolink up for small dog. So far the Ecolink has worked pretty well with my larger cat, about 95% of the time. My only complaint with it is, I bought it new from Amazon and I couldn’t get it paired with the system. I discovered that I had to uninstall it before I could install it. Hummmm, this seems kind of strange for new product? The Fibaro is also a great little sensor, it paired very easily with Smartthings. However, it goes off every time the cats even twitches a whisker.

This is more common than you might think, even with quality brands. Most of the time the sensors get tested during manufacture to make sure that everything is working. In order to test them they had to have been paired with the controller for the test network. The last step is supposed to be to remove it from that test network, but that doesn’t always happen, and there’s no way to test that it did happen without adding it to another network. So you can see the problem.

that’s why resetting to factory settings is almost always the first suggestion from the manufacturer’s support line. :wink:

Thank youvery much for that explanation. That makes me feel much more comfortable than what I was originally thinking :worried: , and it make good sense.

Yea I had to exclude some of my things before I even could include them. It is a little wonky but as long as at the end of the day if I press and hold the one button on my thing long enough and it joins I’m fine with it.

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