Pet imune outdoor motion sensor?

I have a problem with cats, I do not own any, but for some reason neighbors cats cross over the fence and jump in my yard sometimes at night, triggering the alarm.

The problem is that the alarm system is connected at a rapid response company and they dispatch intervention at cost.

In order to fix this issue so my alarm won’t go wild in the middle of the night because some cats want to make love in my yard.

I need a motion sensor that’s imune to pets (cats) ZigBee or zwave, preferably rated for outdoor.

I’ve tried aqara with custom driver and at medium level still detect cats, but barely detects humans (weird shit)

At low level you have to dance in front of it to detect you, so not much of a security reliability on that case.

Also tried sonoff, detects good at humans, but also the little fuckers, and sometimes “ghosts”.

And I’m out of ideas.

most motion sensors of the type used with smartthings are PIR: passive infrared. They detect small changes in heat passing across the sensor.

Although there are some that are described as “pet immune“ that’s just a marketing phrase. They work exactly the same way, you just set the sensitivity higher, in the hopes that it will then only detect the amount of heat given off by a much larger human body.

The problem is that many small animals have resting body temperatures which are higher than humans to begin with, and if they’re jumping and running and active it will go a little bit higher yet, so finding the right adjustment gets really tricky.

Instead, most people try to narrow the detection zone by putting a little pipe over the lens and then aiming it at a height about 4 feet above the ground, so that it will catch a human walking past, but not an animal low on the ground.

Whether that will work in your location or not depends on a lot of things, like how many trees there are. But it’s usually worth a try.

Here’s just one example of what a community member did that worked well for them, but there are lots of variations. Some people also use tape over the lens, although that’s typically less effective.


Alternatively, if you do have serious security concerns (although then I wouldn’t be using SmartThings anyway, but that’s a different discussion) Definitely the best solution to this problem is to use a security camera instead. These will analyze the images and can indeed tell the difference between people and animals. There are lots of different ones available now at different prices and with different integration options, but it’s an approach to look into if you can afford it.

Eventually, MMwave sensors should be able to distinguish between humans and animals, but I don’t believe there are as yet any available that work with SmartThings that have that ability. Aqara has said they intend to add it to their FP2 in the future, but it’s not here yet.


The latest update to the Aqara FP2 added pet detection but still no ST integration. I do have pets but have not tested the functionality of pet detection. Pet detection is feature of Aqara’s new “AI person detection” which is a lab/beta feature that would set pets as an interference source. The FP2 also has an option for presence to be detected from left to right, which may help not detect small/short pets but depends on the placement in a person’s environment. The FP2 can be used outside in a covered space. There is a possibility for Matter and ST integration in the future.

My experience, like that of @JDRoberts, is that SmartThings is just not an alarm system! You can read volumes on the forum about reliability, false alarms, and note that SmartThings doesn’t market itself as an alarm system. Sure, it’s handy to know when your door (probably!) opened–I do that myself when away from one of my locations. But I would never dispatch a responder (at cost) unless I had personally seen and verified via a remote camera that nefarious things were going on.

That being said, instead you could turn on a floodlight and play a clip of barking dogs! That might scare the cats away… :wink: :laughing: :yum: :yum:


To be clear, I just pointed out a public announcement made by both aqara and smartthings that said they were going to have improved integration for the FP2. Also, although Aqara has announced that the FP2 will eventually get matter integration, the joint announcement is separate and doesn’t necessarily mean matter.

Those announcements don’t always happen as described and certainly don’t always meet their timeline goals. I don’t have any inside information on it. :sunglasses:

Here’s the press release:

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I have had 6 Nest Outdoor cameras around my house since we built it in 2018. Until a few months ago the cameras were only supported by the Nest app. The Nest app did a good job of detecting people separate from other motion triggers.

Now that the cameras are supported by the Google Home app, I converted them over. My dog and all the neighborhood feral cats now are detected as people.



Apologies for the misquote :grinning:

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I don’t know if this will help you because I use them indoors. I couldn’t get the motion detectors on my Arlo cameras to ignore my golden retriever. I bought ecolink motion sensors that can be set to ignore animals under ~55 lb. They integrate with Smartthings and are quite simple. They claim the battery will last up to 5 years and so far that seems to be true. I have one in the same room as each Arlo camera. If the Ecolink senses motion, a Smartthings routine turns on the appropriate Arlo camera and starts recording (other stuff like notifications happens also). The charge in the Arlo camera lasts a long time since it is just sitting there turned off until it’s needed. I’ve been doing this for the past few months and it is working well for me.



Can you please provide the model of the motion sensor?

Certainly, Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector Pet Immune, White (PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO)

About $30 on Amazon

Operation is quite simple. There’s no on/off. The only thing you can change is to move a jumper on the inside to adjust for sensitivity. Full / Small dog / Large dog

It senses me but my 55 lb golden retriever doesn’t set it off (Large dog setting).