Motion detection: humans yes, cats no

Continuing the discussion from Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Ceiling Mounted, Battery Powered PIR Sensor:

@bridaus Could you describe? Thanks.

In your typical motion detectors that I have on my standalone security system, the manufacturer would supply little strips of black stickers to cover or mask the lens so the PIR would not “see” those blocked out coverage areas.

I would assume you can take apart the housing and do a similar technique by masking off the lower area.

Or - I use to have a dog and I ended up mounting my motion detector lower and I flipped it upside down because that was just the way that particular detector zone coverage was designed. It was made to be mounted high and “look” down for motion like most are. So by mounting it low and flipping it upside down, everything below the mounted sensor was not triggering the device.

A few things.

  1. When no one is home via presence, motion does nothing.
  2. I use them for room and floor occupancy. The cats are normally near us except at night.
  3. At night I only trust my pet immune motions, I think also made by Enerwave.
  4. I make sure the consequence of a cat tripping a sensor is never dramatic. For instance, currently their favorite light to trip is a hall walking light. No big deal, fun for them.

Lastly I use @Mike_Maxwell awesome zone motion manager. I don’t use the fancy bus yet because I haven’t needed to. I just aggregate them for now.