SmartSense Motion sensitivity

I’m betting I know the answer to this, but when I got smartthings, I didnt have any pets. Now we have a yellow lab and he is setting off the motion sensor in the living room all day long. Is there any way to adjust sensitivity on the smartsense motion, or am I going to have to move it and purchase a different brand with adjustment?

I don’t think you can change the sensitivity. However if you have one of the 2013 ones you can put it “upside down” so the angle would only catch movement at a certain height. Of course it would take some playing around.

FYI if you try the monoprice ones the sensitivity jumper doesn’t work at all.

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:frowning: I purchased the Enerwave ZWN-BPC and was amazingly disappointed at how it simply didn’t work. Looking around on here, I found I was far from the only one with issues. I swapped it out for the SmartSense but now I’m unsure if I should keep it because it’s just too darn sensitive and where I need it, my cats are setting it off every twenty minutes. Ugh, really wanted something unobtrusive on the ceiling but only found those two and neither are getting the job done.

granted its a little more obtrusive looking and the battery life is shorter, but i have had good luck with the Aeon Multi

Do all its features work on ST, temp, illumination, sensitivity? Thanks for the recommendation.

Yep. I have one sitting in my gun safe. Really nice for keeping tabs on humidity, temp as well as any luminance, motion change.