Any recommendations/ideas for using 12 ga wire with GE z wave switches?

I am trying to install a GE z wave dimmer switch, my house is wired with 12 ga wire. It is nearly impossible to connect the 12 ga to the switch. Apparently the screws on the switch are not removable (I broke one trying). Any recommendations for connecting the 12 ga to the switch? Is it ok to use 12 ga stranded?

Pics of the terminals on the switch?

I’ve installed 8 GE/Jasco z-wave switches of various models in my home which is wired entirely with 12ga wire and didn’t have any issues.

And to answer your question I would avoid using stranded to connect to switch terminals, but if you really can’t get the 12ga connected I’d suggest using a pigtail with some 14ga solid instead.

I am not smart enough to post a pic of the terminals :grinning: But I am trying to install GE 12724 in wall smart dimmer. The problem is, getting the 12 ga to wrap around the screws. #1, I have very little to deal with in the box, #2 the 12 ga wire is so hard to manipulate, especially with limited length of wire to work with, trying to work it around the screws is almost impossible.
Also, from what I have been told, being my house is wired with 12 ga on 20 amp breakers, that means i cannot go down to 14 ga wire…?

Do you have the ones with the holes on the back that you have to pass the wire through, like this?

Yeah, it is specifically noted in the install instructions that you can only use max 14 ga wire for them.

You’re correct about the 12ga wire. It is wrapped in a yellow sheath, correct? That is why most residential electrical circuits are 15 amp, which only require a 14ga wire (white outer sheath).

It should be noted, that this switch will not work with a 20 amp circuit. It says right in the install instructions that it is rated for 15 amp circuits only. That is why it is limited to 14ga wire. So, you can’t use 12ga.

Every GE/Jasco switch I’ve installed was backwire type, meaning you’re not supposed to wrap the wires around the screw, you’re supposed to stick the wire into the hole in the back of the switch and then tighten the screw. The holes should definitely be large enough for stripped 12ga wire.

Edit: Here’s a piece of 12ga wire in the hole. The fit is pretty sloppy, could likely put a piece of 10ga in there.