Combining Two Dumb Switch Loads on New Single Smart Dimmer?

I’m currently in the process of replacing many of my switches around the house with GE Zwave dimmers (12724). Currently I have two separate dumb switches controlling two sets of BR30 dimmable LED bulbs on my porch. The switches are right next to each other and are on the same circuit. I want to combine the control of these bulbs onto one switch so that I can control all of the porch lights with a single switch.

I believe I know the path forward but I wanted to see if anyone could confirm my thinking because I haven’t had much luck researching this topic here or elsewhere online. My thoughts are that I just need to connect the load wires from both of the current switches to the load side of a new switch. I would reuse the line wire from one of the switches and cap the other line wire. Now with the GE 12724, there are two holes at each point on the switch. Can I insert each load wire into one of the load holes on the GE switch? Or should I wire nut the two wires together and have a third wire come from that wire nut to the switch?

If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, or confirmation that I have the right idea, that would be appreciated.

Sounds like you’re on the right track. Only thing I’d do differently is instead of capping the extra line wire, I’d bet that you can trace it back to a bundle in the switch box and remove that lead completely.

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Yes, you can. GE 12724 accomodates 2 wires on each terminal.
Doing it that way keeps your connectios as they are and it’s clean wiring.

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Awesome, thanks @destructure00 and @NomadTech!