Any recommendations for Zigbee recessed contact/door sensors?

As the title, what are the latest recommendations? After something for the front door to indicate door open/closed.


If you’re okay with Z-Wave here’s one recessed sensor for about $20:


Thanks. After a Zigbee option.

Can I ask why you only want a zigbee option?

The ones from Sensative aren’t recessed but they are ultra thin and will fit inside the frame on most doors and windows. thanks to a patented battery design.

The original models were Z wave plus, but they have recently certified a zigbee version for sale in more countries and they are supposed to come to market later this year. You can get in touch with them and ask if they look like something that might meet your needs.

Computime has one which is a standard recessed sensor design and uses the same zigbee profile as smartthings, but I have no idea where you could buy it. It’s usually sold in a security system kit.

Zwave frequency issues

Thanks. These look great. I will do some investigation.


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The zwave version of the sensative strips have been very popular even though they’re expensive. They are just a really nice design. So it’s just a question of when the zigbee version will be available for sale. :sunglasses:

I know @TheSmartestHouse has sold The zwave version, I don’t know if they are intending to carry the Zigbee version or not.

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Thanks for tagging us @JDRoberts! We’re sticking to Z-Wave and there are no plans of introducing any ZigBee devices on our website anytime soon. Sorry!


From Sensative “We have not yet released Guard Pro to the consumer market just yet, but please stay tuned as we should have them out towards the end of the year, thanks for your interest.”

Damn, long wait.