Another recessed door/window sensor

Hi all-

I just came across these this evening and wanted to share with the community. I am not sure they are supported, but being made by Ecolink, I am wonder if the code from the existing Ecolink door sensor could be used. This is the only other recessed door sensor I have ever seen beside Aeotec and they are significantly cheaper ($23 on eBay).

Anyone used these yet or have an opinion?

I have not used these but they look a lot like the minus the side screw holes.

Those are not compatible because they’re not zwave or zigbee. They’re designed for a different type of system.

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Does that require drilling holes? It says simple to install but then doesn’t go into how you actually install it. Seems like if you’re making holes pretty much any sensor could be hidden away.

This is true, however it is easier to drill a cylinder than a cube :slight_smile:

At first I thought you were talking about this, I spotted an empty rack in my Lowes the other day:

I believe they have several model with different technologies. Not sure if they are signee, zwave, etc. they caught my eye because they were cheaper than aeotec and the only other recessed ones I have seen.

No certified Zwave devices from Ecolink of that form factor. (You can check the zwave alliance products site by device category.)

And if they’re ZigBee, they’re not ZHA 1.2, which is what SmartThings uses.

So not compatible.

That sucks, well maybe they will eventually. I am really surprised no one has a spring loaded one that would sit on the hinge side of the door (plunge switch). My parents ancient alarm system had that and it never failed or had a false alarm in the 20 years I was living there.

Have you used these? They look tiny and say they are SmartThings compatible. I would prefer small switches be user our windows only have 1 half that open (bottom half) so a sensor will be quite visible when the blinds are open.

I have not. The rack I saw the sign for was empty, but I was intrigued. The information said no drilling/cutting, and they looked small in the picture. I will keep an eye on that rack as I am at Lowe’s every other weekend (for other reasons… :wink: )