Any news on Nest integration?

oh snap. Google finally released an API!?

It’s not as good as it sounds. The protects aren’t supported.

One step at a time I suppose. Personally, if I could get finer control of the TStat (turn on fan, but not heat/AC) and automations based on Nest Camera events I’d be happy.

I want so badly to use my ST window sensors to adjust mode of TStat based on open/close…Just somehow seems like an impossible mission for me at the moment.

@tmuir1 You mention a “new API”… will ST work with the Nest ecosystem soon? Where can we get some details? - Thanks!

If only I were a developer or knew anything about this beyond the surface level. I just wish there was an “official” integration, but until then, I’m hoping a genius like @tonesto7 or others can come up with something.

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To whom who are interested in getting their Nest Devices (Tstats, Protects, Sensors) into SmartThings.

FYI, a new version of MyNextManager which leverages the new UI presentation layer of the new Samsung platform and makes use of the new custom capabilities (with a Nest Away/Home settings button) has been released.

The new Google APIs are quite limited and don’t expose the Protects and Sensors. All attributes and settings available in the Nest app for the tstats and protects are available with the Nest web APIs that I’m using.


Just red this!


Yes, after all of the uncertainty over this last year, this is very exciting news!

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Protects will integrated at this time, but this isn’t particularly surprising as they are not even supported by Google’s own API yet.


Very soon now!

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The author in that article listed the old URL to IDE which can cause issues for some users by not redirecting them to their appropriate SHARD. He should have used :slight_smile: i am too lazy to email him to correct it.

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You must have read my mind jkp, I was just thinking that hahaha

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In case anybody is interested, I had been working on a new open source ST/Nest integration using the newer APIs on both sides just prior to the partnership announcement. It doesn’t require you to obtain access tokens form the web UI - it uses the 3-legged oauth flow that gets ST a token that allows it to access Nest devices on your behalf.

Its only thermostat at this stage, and probably won’t be extended due to the aforementioned official partnership… but it may be interesting for folks wanting to do similar things:

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Just seen this being advertised on Twitter. I just can’t find anything in the Smartthings app.

Smoke and mirrors?

January 2021

Someone’s a bit eager in the PR team by the looks of it. The Smartthings site makes it sound like it’s already possible, maybe in the Google Home app but certainly not in Smartthings.

Actually I was looking at adding devices through Samsungs account dashboard (web version) and I seen that Nest Protect is included as a device that can be added. Im not sure if these devices are old listings or not but if they aren’t then Nest Protect may just be joining SmartThings also.

Unfortunately Samsung have already confrmed it is not. They are using the new API which supports only the thermostats and cameras, Including the Hello doorbell and Nest Hub Max.

The API pages previously made mention of future support for the Protects, but they have since removed all mention of this.

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Well I am happy that they are supporting the Hello and Hub Max as I have both but I am disappointed at the fact that there is absolutely zero support for integrating the Protect. Has Google even built this functionality out to WWGA? I know that the old nest API supported Protect but I haven’t seen any such support (I haven’t really been looking though) for their new WWGA program.