[OBSOLETE] Ridiculously Simple Virtual Garage Door

What it does:

  • Combines an actuator switch device and multisensor (contact/acceleration) into a single logical garage door device (capability.doorControl)
  • Properly reflects the state of the door if opened/closed externally (door-button, garage remote, etc)
  • opens/closes immediately when you tell it to

What it doesn’t do:

  • Attempt to retry close/open operations if they don’t succeed
  • Automate open/close operations based on other events (these automations can be accomplished with higher-level smartapps using this Virtual Garage Door device)

Doesn’t this already exist?
There are other implementations with a similar purpose, but they either rely on Smartthings’ simulated garage door device which isn’t optimal for this purpose, or they support a bunch of complicated automations which can already be accomplished with other more generic smartapps once you have a coherent virtual garage door device available.

Install both the Virtual Garage Door device and Virtual Garage Door Manager smartapp, configure the smartapp with your door actuator and multisensor as well as the virtual device.


Hey there. I’m trying to load this app but it’s not clear to me what to do with the Virtual Garage Door device handler. I’ve loaded both it and the SmartApp, but the SmartApp won’t let me configure it without a Virtual Garage Door specified - which of course I don’t have created. Do I have to create one manually in the IDE? Any instructions for doing so?

Never mind - that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t familiar with creating virtual devices so the Network ID field was tripping me up. I just made up some crap and it worked great. Thanks for the app!

Hi jawn101,

I’m having trouble installing the Virtual Garage Door app and I’m thinking it’s because I don’t have the device created. Can you share how you added the virtual device?


Just log into the IDE and go under My Devices > Add Device, then select the new virtual device type and fill in the required fields. Make up whatever you want (I used a 6 digit hexadecimal string) for the network ID.

Thanks for the info. I am still having trouble installing the virtual door code. I will have to take a closer look at it tonight.

So there are two pieces, one is the SmartApp and one is the Device Handler. Make sure you install both, one from the My SmartApps (click New and create as code, then paste the provided code) and one from My Devices (click New Device Type, paste the code, then create a new Device of the newly installed type)

Then you add the SmartApp from your SmartThings mobile app and configure it.

Yep, you need to add the device handler under “My Device Handlers”, then add a new device that uses “Virtual Garage Door” as the type under “My Devices”.

Then you should be able to install and configure the smart app.

OK that is what I was missing. I needed to create the new device in the device handlers. Now everything installed and I was able to create the virtual device. I appreciate the help, can’t wait to try it out.

Hey Patrick - any chance you could update this DTH so it has the more current “blue outline” style buttons/tiles? It’s working well for me but is the only device I have which has the old solid-green style button.


I installed the smartapp, device handler, created the virtual device. I went to the app to configure and it required a Garage Door Acceleration Sensor. I only have a contact sensor and a switch/relay. Can I get by without the acceleration sensor? Thanks


Same problem for me, I use a tilt sensor so this doesn’t work for me.

It should work fine. The tilt sensor just indicates open or closed - it’s what I’m using and it’s no issue.

It won’t even let me finish installing the app, when I add the tilt sensor as a contact sensor it says I can’t add any acceleration sensors - a required field. How is yours setup?

Is the tilt sensor a Samsung one? Do you have it in contactless garage door mode?

Having the same issue. DL’d both the device handler and smart app. I’m pretty new to Smartthings (coming from years of use with Vera), so I just assumed I am missing something key to the process.

I can’t save the setup. It keeps giving me the error message “please fill out all required fields”. However, “garage door Acceleration Sensor” is grayed out and underneath it says “you can’t currently add this”

My garage door sensor is a Go Control/Linear z-wave device.

I am using a generic/monoprice tilt sensor, not the samsung multi. Its tilt only.

Is there a way to delay the closing & sound a buzzer (for say 30 seconds) before it closes? I have (or will soon have) a relay connected to the garage door opener & an open close sensor.


Update: I’m getting an error when i’m trying to install the Virtual Garage Door Manager. If my open/close sensors are not installed yet, could that be the issue? <Solved: didn’t have the Device Handler installed>

Update 2: Got the SmartApp & Device Handler & the Virtual Device installed - but can’t get by the the Acceleration Sensor. Can that be removed?

@pmckinnon I’m having the same problem as the others above. Can’t get past the acceleration sensor portion because I’m using a tilt sensor only. How can I get past that?

Finally broke down and got RBoy apps. I paid for the lifetime subscription. His garage door opener works flawlessly and I can control it via google assistant. His lock management apps are pretty decent too.

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