Any ideas how to automate my deicer switch

(Mark Povolo) #1

I only turn it on in the afternoon when it’s sunny as the snow melts over my garage and then spills over the eavestrough. So I need to turn it on when the temp is 0 celsius and higher with sun. I tried to find a way to add a device that basically has weather read locally, can’t seem to find one though


(Brian Diehl) #2

Have you tried the SmartWeather tile?


Since you said Celsius, what country are you in? Not all of the popular SmartThings weather options work for the UK, because many of them depend on ZIP Code.

@deano12 or @Aaron might know more about UK options.

If it’s Canada, @yvesracine might know.

(Mark Povolo) #4

thanks all for your help

(Jason) #5

Bloomsky has some devices in UK, I think you should be able to use the Temp/Humidity sensor updates Weather Underground personal weather station to find one of those stations for local data.