Any Edge drivers for door/window sensors that can invert states?

On the Favorites tab, there’s a place that shows any contact sensors in an ‘Open’ state. That’s fine for exterior doors but for a few interior doors (such as the powder room), the “normal” state is they are open and only closed when the room is being used. Since they are normally open, they always show in this section.

I was wondering if there are any community edge drivers that have a setting that would invert this (so it would show as “Closed” when open and vice versa). Alternatively, perhaps there is a way to have them masquerade as a different device that wouldn’t be shown on the Favorites pages as an open sensor?

The sensors are Z-Wave open/closed sensors (Ecolink and Schlage). Thanks for any suggestions.

Yes there are I know that Zooz does

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I’m using the Z-Wave sensor driver PH made by @philh30 for the Ecolink sensors and that doesn’t have a way to reverse the reported state. Do you know if it is something that Zooz does in their firmware or in the driver?

I’ll have to look into the masquerade driver. The only problem is I have some Schlage open sensors that are white-labeled Ecolink sensors but none of the standard or community drivers have their signature. I can’t get any Edge drivers (even the generic Z-Wave sensor driver) to associate with them because nobody has their signature. Until I can get a driver associated with them, I don’t have the option to switch drivers, even if the capabilities match.

I’ll at least play around with the masquerade drivers with the Ecolink sensors, because those do currently have signatures.

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I am able to achieve this with the Z-Wave Masquerade v1.01:

  • Using the Dry Contacts of an Aeotec Door/Window Pro 7
  • Profile: Contact
  • Invert Status: Toggled On

Important: I did test it for you by Toggling the Invert Status to “Off”. It did NOT immediately change its Icon Status in the Device Card! I had to close the Dry Contact Circuit (or perhaps in your case, activate it by bringing it to/from the Magnet).

Yes, I found the same. I do lose the tamper alert reporting of the Z-Wave sensor PH driver. But it does invert the status and then only shows it on the Favorites pages when in the new “open” state (aka physically closed).

I’m still hoping @philh30 can add the invert preference into his Z-Wave sensor PH driver (and also add the signature for the white-labeled Schlage sensors 011F-0001-0002). I’ve made the request in the thread for that driver, but since he is transitioning off of ST, I’m not sure he’s inclined to make changes to his drivers.