Invert contact on a multisensor

I’ve found some posts about this but they really have not helped (mainly because they are for other sensors or the code is dramatically different) and my lack of understanding on how device states can be manipulated is killing me.

I’m simply trying to invert the contacts determined state (closed vs opened) to solve a fundamental issue with using the contact to determine a window is fully opened vs closed.

I can easily flip the state on the tile but that seems to be a vanity item only and does not actually represent the state of the sensor. For instance if I use with HomeBridge it stills sees the sensor as closed when the window is actually open.

Any ideas?

Brand and model of the sensor that you are working with?

JD, it’s a SmartThings MultiPurpose Sensor (IM6001-MPP), sorry guess that’s an important detail :wink:

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I ended up figuring this out but seems like there is some sort of bug, I need to poke at it a bit further but the settings values don’t seem to apply at all and end up getting the device stuck thinking its in garage door mode. I’ll blow away my code and re-copy from the original to see if I can be sure its not something I added in.

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