Any cool ideas for an empty wall switch?

I have an empty wall switch that I can add a blank insert, but I would love to add an insert with LEDs. Something like the HomeSeer HS200+ but without the dimmer switch.

This led insert would allow me to get notifications about my smartthings devices.

Unfortunately I can’t find anything like this. Does anyone know of a cool (non-switch) item I can add to a wallplate insert? Obviously, I would have power to the device.

Inexpensive wallmount phone with ActionTiles?


Otherwise you can use the Homeseer if you like it and just tie off the circuit as long as that’s legal in your jurisdiction. (It is in most US jurisdictions, except not for an attic light.)

There are more options in the following FAQ.

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

You could also go for a tablet if you want the larger display:

image image

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Thanks. I think I’ll try the Action tiles with an HD Fire 7

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There’s a thread here with ideas on mounting options:

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Beer tap sounds awesome.

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The new Inovelli switch might work for you - scene control and LED notification strip.

Wall tablets: How to hide the power cables?? My wall tablet power cables are hidden by molding, but I’d rather have a means to power them right behind them or something.

See the hardware mounting thread already linked to in post 4 above. Many Different variations are discussed there.