Any 45ft waterproof LED strip out there?

Looking for a waterproof LED strip that can extend upwards of 45ft on a single controller. As a matter of fact, the full perimeter of my pool is 90ft. Since I have a middle point, I can use 2x45ft strips, it would be wonderful if they were both connected to the same controller and power supply (so that there is only one device to change color to). All strips I can find go up to 32ft per controller. I found one that can go 48ft, but there are three separate strips connected to the same controller. I don’t think I need the power that comes with the 5050 LEDs…

Power supply must be pool rated, grounded to the ground rod I have next to the in-ground pool (pool has no metal frame). Voltage should be 12V or 24V, I’d prefer the lower voltage, for safety reasons. I am able to waterproof connections and can place controller and power supply away from water.

Any ideas?

PS: I know @JDRoberts will have a field day with the warnings :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Let me have it :smiley: Any advice is welcome.

As long as you stick with purpose built UL listed stuff you should be fine. These exist, they’re used for fountains more than pools, though, because you don’t want people playing around with them once they’re in place. I Remember we talked about one of these few months ago but I don’t know if it was that length. The point is to put the network controls up line so they’re out of the splash zone and then there’s no problem, those devices don’t have to be pool rated.

Are you looking for RGB, RGBW, or just white?

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I remember a tweet from @twack about a pool lighting project using CMP lights (which are designed for pools and fountains) and a Fibaro controller up line. I don’t recall if he ever posted it to the forums, though. :sunglasses:

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RGB is fine. I don’t think I need RGBW, don’t think I’ll ever want white light shining down the pool… According to code, anything close to water has to be pool rated. The power supply has to be UL and pool rated, the point being that if a problem occurs in the power supply, the 12/24V circuit has to be fully shielded from the 110/120V line.

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Hydrolume makes UL listed swimming pool rated ( remember swimming pools are harsher than freshwater so you want something specifically made for that environment) white LED strips in custom lengths. You might be able to do something with that.

It’s not RGB, but they do change from 2700 to 6500 color temperature, so that will go orange to blue. You won’t get green or deep red though. You might be able to use color covers depending on the exact effect you want.

Did you actually want submersible rather than top lights? (Submersible go in the pool, top lights are still in the splash zone but are out of the water.)

With submersibles, if you’ll go to individual lights rather than LED strips you’ll have a lot more choices especially as far as color because it’s way easier to make those safe. The worry with LED strips is always some kid pulling on the strip.

And here’s the pool light project I was trying to remember, this one was for installed Pentair lights. Not strips, but a lot of color options.

Would love to put them on the top underside facing down but I have 6 inside corners and 2 outside corners and the strips don’t really bend sideways which forces me to use them on the side, right under the coping. But yeah, out of water, splash zone. Controller and power supply outside of screened enclosure, underground.

So how far above the surface of the water?

H801 with an inline amplifier to drive that many leds, then a nema rated waterproof enclosure for the electronics and cable entries. Plastic enclosure so wifi signal strength won’t be an issue. Then just a regular set of cheap 15m waterproof strips with outside rated tape, like the 3M masonry stuff I’d imagine would work.Assuming the enclosure, if sealed and underground, and plastic, you should have no issues with 110 to the 12v side.

This is my hillbilly solution so yeah, UL rated it’s not…probably.

4-6in above waterline

Sorry, out for dinner. Full story is, back in '82 someone installed a vynil pool. Later, someone smarter figured they could just pour cement and make it diamond-brite. Fast forward to this year, walls were getting swallen and diamond-brite was chipping away. Resurfaced pool and asked for a retrofit pool light. Found out the pool is really a vynil pool which means no light can be installed, as it could weaken the side wall too much. So goodbye underwater in-wall light. Remaining options are either a wall-surface mountable very flat light which - to my knowledge - does not exist, or LED strips up top…

Dang. That will have to be “submersible” grade, not just “waterproof.” You’re well within swell height just from someone jumping into the pool. So hydrolume is probably your only choice to code.

Found a 98ft long continuous strip, which means I could have no sealed connections around the pool edge, it would be a continuous silicone tube all around…

What’s the IP rating?

IP67. SuperonlineMall™ AC 110-120V Flexible RGB LED Strip Lights, 60 LEDs/M, Waterproof, Multi Color Changing 5050 SMD LED Rope Light + Remote Controller for Party Decoration (98.4ft/30m) Ship by DHL

Looks good on paper, but Chinese-made, not UL-listed, no third party verification of IP rating. I wouldn’t use it in your set up, but that’s a personal decision.

I really don’t like leaving unsupervised on power electrics outdoors that aren’t UL listed since there’s not even a smoke sensor to give you warning if there is a fire. And of course the environment is a lot harsher than indoors. But that’s just me.

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Yeah, not jumpy about it either…

Have someone else try them in their bathtub first. We can’t tolerate risks to the author of CoRE.


You know that feeling when nobody sells what you want and then you find this one guy… trust level is low…