Another Wemo Connection issue

I have been able to connect my Wemo Devices once. The first problem I think was trying to connect all my devices through a wireless repeater. When using the wireless repeater all of the wemo devices had the mac address of the repeater. The Wemo app worked but no luck with the ST hub.
I changed configurations not to go through the repeater and everything seemd to be working fine until today one of the wemo devices was not responding in the ST app () I have three devices. It responded in the WEMO app but not with the ST app. I tried resetting the device in the WEMO app, but I am still having the same issue, Can’t control it with the ST app.

I then looked in the Live logging and I found that it was saying the device in the following entry:

7:02:19 PM: debug Device was already found in state…
7:02:19 PM: debug [devicetype:04, mac:9912FE6EDDFD, ip:C0A815CE, port:C001, ssdpPath:/setup.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:Lightswitch-1_0-221532K130042D::urn:Belkin:device:lightswitch:1, ssdpTerm:urn:Belkin:device:lightswitch:1, hub:8d223c63-fc97-48bb-9416-3d151ad58c26]

Can anyone tell me what “Device was already found in state…” means? or have had any experience with this message.

In SmartThings’ defense, I can’t even get the damned devices to work with the native app. I prefer using IFTTT with ST. That seems to work better than the native app and direct ST integration for me.

It is " amusing" that Wemo app can’t find my 1 lonely Wemo switch, ST is hit or miss, more miss than hit. However Echo can find and control it every time without fail, even though it clearly says “offline” in the Echo app and web interface.

so you are saying you are using IFTTT to do the automation for your Wemo devices and not the ST?

I created 1 virtual switch for each wemo. Then I create 4 rules in IFTTT per wemo.

ST virtual switch on -> IFTTT -> Wemo Switch on
ST virtual switch off -> IFTTT -> Wemo Switch off
Wemo Switch on -> IFTTT -> ST virtual switch on
Wemo Switch off -> IFTTT -> ST virtual switch off

Thanks for the follow up. Would you have a write up on this? The creation of a virtual switch as this is new to me. If not I might start writing one up to put somewhere.

Never Mind… I found It

by the way do you need the last two rules? if the wemo apps is working?
Another edit. You do the other rules to keep track of status?


I use the other two in case I manually turn off the device, which I do sometimes.