Resolved. Wemo's are offline

Edit: I rebooted my ST hub, they were discovered.

I am not sure if support will help as Wemo isn’t officially supported by ST so I am posting here (in addition to contacting them).

Last night all of my wemo devices stopped working. All of them at the same time. For each of them under “Recently” it says offline at 8:36 PM. Specifically I am currently using 4 Wemo Switch Insights.

I can confirm:

1 - I can control the switches via the Wemo app while on my network.
2 - I can control the switches via the Wemo app while not on my network, so it isn’t a firewall issue.
3 - I have unplugged and replugged in each device.
4 - I have since attempted to give them static IPs which did not help, but #1 & #2 are still true.
5 - I tried the Enhanced Wemo Connect Smart App and it does not discover any devices.

I have uninstalled the Wemo SmartApp (stock & custom).

Neither the Wemo App or Enhanced Wemo Connect detect any devices.

Here are the logs, I only show a little bit of them because it is just the same message repeated over and over.

Wemo Connect Enhanced Log

27ad4c4c-26a1-43ba-a588-2cb949e6e2ce  8:32:56 PM: trace discoverAllWemoTypes
27ad4c4c-26a1-43ba-a588-2cb949e6e2ce  8:32:28 PM: trace discoverAllWemoTypes

Wemo Connect Log

b7df67e9-de6a-4c93-8268-366b0cb4408d  8:34:23 PM: debug REFRESH COUNT :: 3
b7df67e9-de6a-4c93-8268-366b0cb4408d  8:34:17 PM: debug REFRESH COUNT :: 2
b7df67e9-de6a-4c93-8268-366b0cb4408d  8:34:12 PM: debug REFRESH COUNT :: 1
b7df67e9-de6a-4c93-8268-366b0cb4408d  8:34:07 PM: debug REFRESH COUNT :: 0