Another Update, Another Issue

Another app update came down today and now my Nest Thermostat integration doesn’t work and the app crashes when I try and open up the Nest “thing” on my phone. Awesome…

Really? That’s odd I’m on iOS and nest works fine for me.
This is the devicetype I’m using:

When I try to view any of my three nest devices in the IOS app the app crashes… just happened 5 times so that is a trend I think.

Don’t update your app then because once you do your Nest integration will stop.

Yep mine crashing too

I just love how every time they update, something stops working…:rage:

My nest integrations are actually still functioning (i.e.: motion event changing thermostat setting, etc…). I just can’t do anything with the Nest devices on the IOS app.

I don’t suppose Smarttings will support this issue because it’s a third party device type.

My integration stopped working, I’ve tested several times… :cry:

I already upgraded… to 2.0.5 and when i change the temp in ST it updates the nest iOS app immediately. same thing when i change from heat to cool to auto… it all changes immediately. You may what to try updating your devicetype to notoriousbdg latest version cause that is what i’m using and i have no iOS issues.

I have the latest version.

try deleting it and reading it… i had to do that a few weeks ago to get it working when nest made some changes.

I’ve done that about 10 times already.

I’m on iOS 9.2 and @Mbhforum also post in another thread that it is working for him/her as well. What version of iOS are you guys running? Also what does live login say if anything in regards to your nest?

9.1. When I check for updates on my phone it says 9.1 is the latest. Live log shows nothing. It’s acting like the Thermostat doesn’t exist. No data being received at all.

iOS 9.2 is beta so its not generally available… hopefully a few others will chime in to see if its an iOS issue and not a ST issue :wink:

I’d be surprised if it is an iOS issue. Like I said, there is no data coming through on the IDE.

I have a smartapp that runs on iOS but not on android… i wouldn’t rule anything out yet :smile: besides there has to be something in common between the ones that work and the ones the don’t.

SO i pulled out my old 5s running iOS 9.1 and updated to to the latest ST iOS client. my nest still works, but i can confirm that ST made more changes than what is listed.


Finally got something in the log. Too Many Requests @ line 621