Another question about smart switches for smart bulbs (Sweden)

Another question about smart switch for smart bulbs.


  • Smart bulbs (mainly IKEA Trådfri)
  • Aeotec Smart Home Hub
  • Dumb switches like these:


  1. Either replacing current dumb switches or put something behind to make current buttons smart.
  2. Dimming and not just on/off

I live in Sweden.

What do I need? Probably leans more towards replacing current switch buttons, in order to out two instead of one in some places. Shelly? Sunricher?

I’ll have an electrician take a look, but if I know what I want it’s easier to tell him to do it, as I’m not sure about his knowledge about solutions that works with SmartThings and smart bulbs.


I’m using Fibaro dimmer 2 behind all my switches (living in Norway). It has on/off and dimming when button is held. Don’t know how that works with a two button switch though


I’m not familiar with what’s available in Sweden, so can’t make a specific recommendation.

But in general, for smart bulbs, you need a switch that sends a message to the hub when activated but does not actually cut power or otherwise alter the flow of electricity to the smart bulbs.

Dimming and switching will be functions of the bulbs themselves in response to commands from the hub.

If the smart bulbs don’t have power they will obviously not be able to respond to commands from anywhere.