Suggestions to replace 2 (dumb) light switches to control link and/or Hue bulbs?

I recently purchased a ST hub and a few GE Link bulbs but now I’m looking to upgrade 6 overhead lights (ar30 type) controlled by two dumb light toggle switches.

So the two wall switches simply turn on/off the 6 overhead lights. I want to control those lights from the ST hub but obviously when the switch(s) are turned off ST will not connect to to the bulbs since they have no power.

Ideally I would like the overhead lights to always have power and the light switches could still turn them on/off. but mainly be able to control them all the time from ST. I’m not so concerned with dimming.

Anybody have any suggestion on what kind of switches I can get to accomplish this?

I like these switches - for this purpose, but you’ll want to just use “dumb” bulbs on these lights once the switches are installed. Then move your smart bulbs somewhere else that doesn’t have a switch.

@obycode Thanks! Why you suggest dumb bulbs? I was really hoping to put 6 hues in (Since I also have a Harmony Home and would like to use the remote) and well lets be honest - The color changing modes are awesome.

It sounded like you just wanted to turn them on and off, so there is no need for smart bulbs combined with smart switches. If you want to use the features of hues, then go for it, but set it up so they always have power and nothing is connected to the switch, then connect the switch to the hues in a SmartApp. Then you’ll get the best of both worlds, working switch, and working hues.

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I would use a switch that has ‘instant reporting’. Hook it up to power. Have the lights bypass the switch. Then Connect the switch to th light digitally using a SmartApp

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or bypass the in wall switch and get a Hue tap to turn the lights from the wall …