Android Update 9-19

(Todd Wackford) #1

Crashes are gone +1
Loading faster +1
Status accuracy of devices on start good+1
Mobile location way better on non-hub locations +1
Slider fidelity a bit rough need unit incremental - 1 but +1 for having sliders.

Go ST!


My mobile presence was working great until this morning when it set my mode away but I was only on the other end of the house, my hub is located on the other side. I’ll try to set up the geofence again.

(Chrisb) #3

The biggest problem I’m still running into is majorly slow response for the app to update when I turn someone on.

For instance if I tap on an outlet to turn it on it changes from a white circle with “off” to a white circle with “turningon” written on it. It’ll sit like this for a long, long time. Sometimes if I open the setting page for this tile it’ll show as on with the green circle. If I backup then sometimes the tile will show green with ‘on’, sometimes it’ll still be white with ‘turningon’.

(Chrisb) #4

One other thing I noticed, if I change my icon to something else, but then tap the tile to turn on or off a device when it’s in that ‘turningon’ or ‘turningoff’ state, it shows the default icon, not the new icon I selected.


I had a weird thing happen last Friday and this is something I’m not blaming on the ST app but it’s the only app I recently updated. I had it set up to do the mode change based on my mobile presence. My S4 wouldn’t wake up and I had to resort a battery pull. This happened twice that day and the only real significant that I remember being different is I was receiving mode changes notification and also getting notification of the open/close status of my multi sensor. I disabled the notification of mode changes and my phone hasn’t locked up since. Coincidence? Maybe, I just thought I’d post this, maybe someone else has encountered it.