Android SmartThings Connect Scene Widget

They really need to remove the location name from the SmartThings Connect (new app) Scene Widget name because I have no idea what each Scene Widget is for since my Android Launcher doesn’t show the second row of the Widget name. What a joke!

Ha! You know what’s ironic, not only on iOS do they display properly, the scene name and location are swapped.

The Scenes widget is fine on Android. Location is shown as the widget title, each scene gets a button. I’ve not seen a way to give a custom icon to each scene.

He’s complaining about the single scene widget!

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That most be a function of your launcher.

With Nova Launcher on Android 9 Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet, I get both location and scene name.

Screenshot_20200223-135400_Nova Launcher

With the stock launcher on Android 10 Pixel 2 phone, I also get both the location and scene name.

I’m actually referring to the SmartThings Android 1x1 Scene Widgets which has the location name on the first row and I cannot see the second row at all on my Android Phone where the scene name is which was the previous picture. I can see the second row of the 1x1 Scene Widget on my Android tablet though.

The other SmartThings Android 4x2 Scene Widget looks OK since the location is at the top of the Widget, and the Scene Icons only show the Scene name which appears fine.

What Android phone running what version of Android.

I see two rows in the 1x1 widget name on Android 10, Pixel 2

How do you get different icons on scenes? All mine are the star and I see nowhere to change icons.

When you edit the scene in the new app, click on the icon. These are your options:

Wow. So obvious. I clicked everywhere but the right place.


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