Android phone presence randomly cycles

I use my android presence to run a few things. Recently I’ve noticed that the phone will cycle the presence. Every time this happens (average 2-3 times a day), the whole change takes less than 20 seconds and it’s back where it started.

Has anyone seen anything like this and does anyone have any suggestions on how to address it?

I thought about modifying the mobile presence dth somehow but I’m not sure how I would put a delay in there that would work in an actual departure or arrival.

I use CORE to drive stuff off the presence and I was thinking maybe I could build some kind of time delay switch to trigger off as an intermediary (instead of directly off the presence) but wasn’t sure how to do that.

Any other suggestions with what I have? I don’t really want to go to life360 or tasker if I can help it.

You can try something like this. Not sure sure which direction the cycling is affecting you, arriving or closing. “Was not present for” could be changed to “was present for”

My iPhone and my wife’s iPhone started doing the same a few days ago.

IPhones :iphone: here too.
Threw off my unlock pistons

Any ideas?

This is how I plan on addressing it with CoRE (SE). That app is still in alpha and I strongly recommend AGAINST using it in production at this point. But it’s coming soon as BETA and that’s when courageous people can try it out.

I am using two functions there, ge (greater or equal than) and previousAge (which returns the duration of the previous state of the device/attribute pair provided).

Still testing it though…

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Sounds like a smartthings issue to me. The problem with any code is the level of granularity available - everything has to be at least one minute.

I hope ST app gets fixed soon, the graph ide shows correct presense but wife’s piston still launched even though my iPhone arrived but my wife’s iPhone is miles away hours ago…

One thing you might want to do is look in the app at the geofence logs. Every time there has been an issue, the geofence logs show a reading outside my normal home area. Now I don’t know if those are directly received from my phone or ST is interpreting them, but it is possible it’s not ST’s fault.

You can find the logs in the app menu under Support->Help Us Debug