Rebooting Android Phone Causes Presence to go Away and Back Home

Since the last update with Android, the app seems to always after a device reboot set my presence device to away and then back seconds apart.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?


Not seeing this on my end. I’ll flag it for the team though.

edit: JK - I see it now.

LOL, wait… I’m not the only one? Sweet…

And in other words, we have confirmed someone at support has at least one android phone…

Ironically, this morning android presence isn’t working. Worked all weekend, especially rebooting phone.

Guess I have to reboot my phone every time I leave the house for android presence to work.

I kid, I kid… But seriously, I’ll buy the beer if Android ever reaches parity with iOS.

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My android presence seems fine post update. However, I noticed that my custom notification sound for ST on Android stopped.
Went into app settings that option is gone now?
Do you see this also?

I haven’t seen any difference at all since the client update, but I rarely reboot my device at all. My wife’s phone is still showing up at home for the last week.

I gave up on Android presence in the ST app. I’ve since signed up for Life360 and am using that for presence. It works nicely.

For the ST devs. I believe the way Life360 works is it has a maximum time between location checks. So if the geofence location listener has gotten anything in x time (Life360 defaults to 15 minutes), fire up your own location request. Might be worth trying.

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Left hand menu, My Account, Set Notification Sound. Let me know if it gives you trouble.

Our support team natively has more Android users than iOS users. The organization as a whole is actually more diverse when it comes to OS than you’d think.

Sounds to me like you guys don’t eat your dog food though… :smile:

Seriously, you can’t tell me everyone that has an Android device on the team lives with the “quirkiness” of the app day after day :smile: