Android Feature Request: Dismiss notifications from all devices

This is certainly less important than ignoring battery optimizations for proper presence support on Android 6.0, etc, but it’d be awesome if when dismissing a notification on my phone, it’s also dismissed on my tablet, where I’m logged in with the same credentials (not like I could add additional users right now anyway, though maybe that’s the solution here?). Often if I leave my tablet home while out and about, anything that I was notified about on my phone (that I dismissed) remains there on my tablet. I think this is an implementation of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), but as I’m not a developer…not entirely certain.

I figure there’s a similar way to do this on iOS, but I have no idea.


I agree, this would be a nice feature to have across all platforms. If you send all your notifications to push bullet you may be able to achieve this before ST does :wink:


If it’s really important to you and you don’t want to wait for SmartThings, I think you could do it with Tasker + AutoNotification + AutoRemote.

I am hoping Smartthings addresses this issue! The Smartthings app causes notification overload on Android. I searched this topic up because it has been really getting to me lately and knew the concerns must have been raised before. Every other app’s notifications disappear from all devices when dealt with on another Android device, but Smartthing’s continue to pile up.

For Smart Home Monitor alerts let us clear the alert from the notification area. Entering Smartthings, clicking dashboard, clicking SHM, clicking view, clicking dismiss, then clicking OK is a really long process when every screen loads from the internet. With mode changes being flakey these alerts come all the time, and the hourly reminders just make it worse! Please get rid of the reminder alerts too.

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To more easily clear SHM alerts without going into the ST app I used Autonotification and Tasker as @joshua_lyon suggested above. I setup autonotification to intercept the SHM notification and issue my own notification with an actionable button that clears SHM in ST.