Does ANYONE Care about the Dashboard?

Does anyone know why the dashboard screen focuses on home alarms and such? I completely ignore it. I wish we could see the Things list instead.


When smart home monitor was released (over a year ago), SmartThings dropped support for what used to be a few different dashboards. They claimed at the time that new dashboards would be added. Nothing has happened in about a year and a half now.


True, but I think many people who really care have switched over to one of the community – created dashboards instead, most of which not only focus on the things list, but let you choose order and often display style.

SmartTiles (now ActionTiles) used to be hands-down the most popular. It’s still an excellent app, but they recently changed to a paid license model, and that may ding the popularity a bit. Definitely worth looking at, though.

There are a couple of free alternatives, which are listed under “dashboard” on the quick browse lists in the Project Reports section of the community – created wiki. Open Dash is the newest of these, But there is at least one other as well. (Anything that’s talking about SmartTiles is referring to the older free version of ActionTiles.) I think HAD (Home automation dashboard) may be the oldest one that’s still in use.


As for this part of the question, Smart Home Monitor is the only part of the SmartThings offering which has an ongoing revenue model as well as originally being designed to focus on marrying Samsung cameras and Samsung high end televisions. So it’s pretty clear why it got company priority in the design. Just sayin’… :wink:


Gotta agree the information architecture of the app feels wrong with the tab title being ‘Dashboard’ but the functionality being the security and alarm system - that not everyone even uses so is redundant in many cases.


By the way, it used to be that the mobile app would open to whatever screen you had last used, so as long as you went to the things screen before exiting it would be re-open to that one.

I don’t know if it still does, I have an updated to the most current version yet.

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I concur with @JDRoberts 100%… There were a few “add on recurring revenue streams” possibilities that have come up in discussions over the years, but at least 70% of them are SHM centric (the other big ideas being enhanced Video features and SmartApp Marketplace).

Prototype screens have been shared (quite a long time ago) which added a few other items to the Dashboard page. I think the demos were for a few “favorite Things”, and “favorite Routines”, or something like that.

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ST asked for ideas to improve the dashboard on October 17, 2016. They got a lot of good responses and suggestions. ST never responded back or implemented any of the suggestions.

I don’t use the dashboard, it is useless to me. I would like something like the old dashboard with access to frequently used / viewed devices or something like that.

I’ve heard all the empty promises around bring the dashboard back while they focus on really important stuff like the…

  • Apple Watch
  • Extend
  • This new useless gateway thing that I can’t use unless I wipe my current hub config

Go ST!

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New logo!

Perhaps the intern they assigned to collect dashboard ideas is no longer with them, LOL.

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I hope you realize that the above statement is highly likely accurate - though it doesn’t make it any less funny. Perhaps not an “intern” (nobody works for free in Silicon Valley!), but … the equivalent.

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Since I use a custom ago for pretty much everything I’ve just build in my own interactive dashboard… It has the info I want on it… Works great for me.

That may be an option for, design your own?

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Terry, you understood exactly what I meant. Just the grumbling of a veteran software engineer reflecting on the predictably of Corporate America…

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Looks like they might have fixed this. Since the most recent app update my app opens to the most recent screen I used. Sadly, the Back button takes me to the Dashboard just before I lock my phone so it captures the Dashboard as the most recent screen. But, the fact that it remembers the last screen is a big step forward.

I agree, this feature would make the mobile app much more functional and user friendly. Currently I only use the ST app when no other options are available for whatever reason. A customizable dashboard would be very useful, maybe some more options for Android widgets as well.

All they would have to do is make a dashboard framework and we would do the rest.