No Dashboard in SmartThings App 1.7.50-21?

Why is there no Dashboard (or have I missed it) in the new App? I used that to hold five or six devices to make them quicker to access. I could set up a room for those but it would screw up my scenes and automation.

Anyone come up with a workaround?

I also hate losing the ability to change icons.

No dashboard in the new app like there was in the Classic app. And no work-around that users can perform to circumvent the app.

But you can modify the dashboard by hiding rooms and/or devices and using the Devices section from the menu to access all devices. To hide rooms/devices on the main dashboard, click on More Options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Edit.

Note: anytime you log out of the app, the main dashboard gets readjusted.

There are some alternatives options you can look at: sharptools and ActionTiles

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moving devices between rooms won’t affect scenes or automations

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For some use cases you can create scenes and then favourite the scenes and then those show up near the top of the space. It’s not much, but it’s something.