Controlling Harmony Activities via Smartthings using Google Home ( voice )

Hi I am completely green to smartthings. Some years ago, I used Harmony remote controllers, and then Broadlink, but the array of compatible devices and the potential for Smartthings is simply amazing. Seems like Broadlink and ST are not mutually miscible.

I have recently acquired Google Home, Smartthings, and Harmony Hub, with the hope to start up a complete system for my new home.

After installing all the respective apps on my android phone, I have done up the following :

  • Linked up Google/Harmony Connect to my Smartthings.
  • Created Devices under Harmony app, and created Activities - Turn on TV, Turn off TV
  • Under Google Home app, Home Control, I have linked up Smartthings/Samsung Connect.

I would like to know how to control an Activity ( e.g turn on the TV ) via Google Home device ( voice operated ) ?

( I understand that Google Home can be linked directly to Harmony Hub, but I was hoping to do it via Smartthings )


When you linked harmony to ST it should have created virtual switches for each of your harmony activities, within the ST app go to the google home smartapp and allow these switches to be controlled by google assistant. If you dont have the virtual switches you can use the harmony connect smartapp to create them.

Note, you have to be a little specific for these. I probably can rename them in Smartthings (haven’t tried yet), but by default I have to say “Hey Google, turn off ‘Watch Roku’” for it to actually turn it off. You can’t just say “Turn off Roku” or “Turn off TV”. I bet I can mess around more and get it to work with different names, but by default that’s what you have to do.

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yeah you can rename the virtual switches to something more natural. I changed mine to “livingroom TV” and “bedroom TV” so that I could say “turn livingroom TV on”.

Hi thanks for the input!

I have added the Harmony activity ( TV ) as virtual switch in ST

Under ST > My Home > Things - I see TV ( Harmony Activity )

I renamed it into TV

Under ST > Automation > SmartApps > Google - I authorised ( placed a tick ) for the Switches - TV

However I am still unable to get Google Home to turn on TV. I get the following reply “I can’t see any cast devices linked to your account”

Any suggestions ?

I created a Google Home shortcut where “Turn on the TV” issues the command “Ask Harmony to turn the TV”

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Try a different name than TV, or assign it to a room and say “turn [room name] TV on”. Google might see that as a hotword and assume you are trying to control via chromecase. “living room TV” works for me.

I like @marathoner’s solution, I always forget about the GA shortcuts but Im not sure if that will turn on the activity or just the device.