Android App Update October 26 2021

This must super new cause doesn’t have it posted yet.

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I don’t know if this is a trick to get the update offered to your Android device, but it worked on my smartphone and tablet. Going to the Google Play store offered no update available. So I opened settings, went to Apps, then selected SmartThings. At the bottom it has a shortcut to the Play Store ‘app details on store’. The first attempt after selecting this shortcut it didn’t offer the update, but a second attempt, walla, update available.

Strange, even though it worked on two of my Androids, it didn’t work on my second Android tablet.



I think this happened in a previous update and you had to enable developer mode?

Got the new version automatically through Google play store.

Can now scroll through installed drivers
Can open and view ST camera feeds
Spinning circles are now spinning dots
STHM seems to load much quicker
Automations are now call routines.
Can’t add additional SmartApps
Routines created within on the device detail page now list that device name on the routine tile.

My other Android tablet with the previous Android version x.21 still allows me to add SmartApps.

Can’t find this feature listed on the changes:

In the “Add Routine” menu, a new “Discover” tab has been added to recommend common automations. See popular Routines that can be created with your device. You can also add SmartApps at the bottom of this tab.

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When you click adds routine there are 2 tabs at the bottom. Custom and Discover.
The Discover tab let’s you add a SmartApp.

They really hid it.

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Maybe they hired one of IFTTT’s UI designers. :wink:


Noticed a new section in SmartThings Labs as well called “Offline Diagnosis”

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I have a good dozen or more devices marked offline in the app but the Offline Diagnosis tells me the same thing - all devices connected normally. They’ve all been offline for months though, so I guess that’s normal?

I have a 2nd location where the internet is currently down, so all the devices are off line and it says “all devices connected normally”.

@iridris Can you please refer to where the Smart Lightning smartapp was installed from?

Seems it may not be working as expected, might be worth following the contact us option in SmartThings Labs to let them know.

Hi @iDog I can see Smart Lighting by navigating through:
‘Automations’ tab > ‘+’ icon > ‘Add Routine’ > ‘Discover’ tab > scroll down to ‘Smart Apps’ section

You should then see the Smart Lighting option.


I sent a note to Smart Labs as suggested.

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Initial thoughts:

The onboarding problem with multiple hubs remains (onboarding hub connected devices by brand or type is only possible for one online hub, and that one might not even be on your current location, let alone the one you chose). It has been months now. I’m not happy about this. Indeed I am beyond miffed or peeved and now irritable if not a bit cross.

Offline Diagnosis does pick up an offline hub, but isn’t picking up offline Zigbee devices, though it doesn’t actually claim that it can. The diagnosis was that the hub wasn’t connected to the cloud, which seems to be pretty much a definition of an offline hub, but at least network connectivity was tested. The list of possible problems included the correct diagnosis (not difficult as I don’t have it switched on).

As I believe I suggested the exact same thing on this forum a while back, I am naturally pleased to see Automations renamed to Routines (or would be had it not been for my first thought). However the announcement elsewhere of the future Routine Creator raises questions. We really don’t need more terminology confusion so will app automations-as-were be upgraded so Routine only means one thing? Or do ST still need a thesaurus?

Having the functionality for the addition of SmartApps buried in the Discover tab of ‘Add Routines’ seems curious. Well more utterly ridiculous really. If it appears on the Automations tab separate to Scenes and Routines, why doesn’t it get its own ‘add’ page?

In the latest Developer docs Automations is an umbrella term for Rules and Scenes, and Connected Services is an umbrella term for various SmartApps. The API also has a Services endpoint for weather etc that the API reference seems to wish wasn’t there.
Just to add to the confusion, apps are classified as DEVICE, SERVICE, AUTOMATION, CONNECTED_SERVICE, LABS or HIDDEN and these are meant to indicate where they display in the mobile apps.

The above is indeed how things seem to work in the apps. They uses Services to refer to the SERVICE apps in the Life tab, which are effectively the modern stock apps, and use the name Linked Services for CONNECTED_SERVICE apps (typically OAUTH type apps like CLI, Alexa and Google) which are buried in the app settings (utterly bizarre). The AUTOMATION apps (typically community WebHook apps) are mixed in with the legacy SmartApps under Automations (leaving it still meaning two things, which is at least an improvement on three).

I hope there is a plan to untangle this mess.

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The 200 device limit remains :sob:

Epic , just epic, no one listens or uses the app, feedback… yeah its fine… give up now

Monthly updates and no fixes or improvements to the current Ui


Offline diagnosis also follows in the epic category
Samsung Tvs vanish from the app due to there firmware however the diagnosis tool wants me to move the device closer to the hub… words are not enough !

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Of course not, they wouldn’t want to risk damaging the app’s performance by having too many devices …

There must be a chain of command issue somewhere.

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how do we install new smartapps with this version?