Location Picture on App

Minor irritation where the picture I applied to my location is blurred in a circular effect. The actual picture is a small circle in the middle of the blur effect.

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A lot of people don’t like that either, but also - why waste all that space on a device for a picture when more Rooms and Things can be displayed instead?

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on IOS, that picture get smaller as you start scrolling down. I wish they can do that for Android as well.

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The size of the picture? The “space” is filled by the picture with a blurred effect around a smaller view of the picture.

I mean the vertical space it takes up. Did you capture that image from a tablet?

Who else thinks besides me that the picture of the house is waste of real estate? :wink:


Yup. Pointless. I know I live in a house. Don’t need a blurry picture to tell me so.