Android App Enhancement Request: Notifications

(M0nti13) #1

Just a quick suggestion or call for help if this is implemented and I don’t know about it:

Consolidation of the push notifications into one notification bar item.

I love to get push notifications for things like doors open/close, but I end up with 50 notifications on my phone/tablet at the end of the day I have to swipe away. Would love for it to just be a SmartThings notification that expands to tell me how many of each push I got or something like that.

(Edward Pope) #2

Good idea, that would make it much cleaner

(Jody) #3

As a work around I am working on disabling notifications in the app using push bullet to handle notifications. I have not figured it all out, but I was able to get a simple proof of concept going over the weekend. The notifications can be targeted, and dismissed across all devices very simply. This includes getting notifications in the browser and being able to use tasker to react to notifications that meet certain criteria.

(Alex) #4

I’ve been working on this, but got sidetracked with another project. You can look at my Pushbullet device type to get started. I love Pushbullet and it would work really well for this purpose.

(Jody) #5

Very cool @625alex. That is going to be a tremendous help with my project.

(Alex) #6

See if the code below will be of any help. This is the same idea using Pushover as the push service.

I really like Pushbullet and I would also like the ability to have different notifications pushed to different devices/people.

Let me know what you come up with.