Pushover Notifications - Device Type

(Zpriddy) #1

I wanted to move all of my notifications over into one area and so far I have been very focused on using Pushover.

I know that there was a “notify me when with Pushover” but that didn’t fit my needs… I wanted something that I could easily integrate into all SmartApps that I wrote with just a simple line of code.

I have created a simple Device Type where you put in your Pushover API keys and an option to send notifications to only one Device (Pushover Device). Once that is created you can just add in the following lines into any SmartApp to send notifications:

preferences {
  section("Pushover Device") {
	input ("pushoverDevice", "capability.notification")

And to send a notification:

pushoverDevice.sendMessage("This is a message from SmartThings", "Normal")

The code is available on my github: https://github.com/zpriddy


Let me know if anyone finds this useful. Thanks


Wishlist: a way to set the destination for all notifications
Need alarm notification for contact sensors in room
(Marc) #2

This is interesting. I have a need for Pushover since I would like to get my ST notifications on my desktop Windows computer. PushBullet has the ability to mirror your iOS notifications to OSx clients, but not Windows clients yet. I am wondering if this is something @bravenel can integrate into Rule machine?

(NuuKeM) #3

I too would like to see if @bravenel can integrate this into Rule Machine. I really like Pushover for it’s ability to customize sounds as well as notification priority levels. Thanks!

(fightingmajor) #4

Rule Machine is gone.

(Gene Clark) #5

This is probably a dumb question but where exactly do you enter the Pushover API key?