Android app Dark mode

version on Android 10 nokia 4.2

Android has dark mode set and it seems edges of different smart things app views are dark, but tv remote when selected is mostly white except at the top. Occasionally switching between apps the remote will come up dark (have to expand down the touch pad). Unsure how to make this happen regularly on purpose.


So here is an example. Pretty sure I just launched from shortcut on home and came to the dark theme, where you click to expand down (2 screenshots). I tapped upper left arrow and it took me completely out of the app to home. Hit the shortcut again and it loaded app fresh where I hit the tv option, then choose remote and I was then back to what I see most of the time, which is the white interface (screenshot 3). What is happening and how to choose the dark theme rather than seeing it randomly?

I have the same issue. Except mine never shows Dark Mode despite the rest of the app being set to that. I hope someone has a solution to this.

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